Sunday, January 08, 2012

Getting a NEW Tree

This year we changed it up and got a real Christmas tree. We went to a local place and let the kids go. They walked around discussing, decided they loved this one and we brought it home.

They don't look it but they were actually having a lot of fun running around picking trees and were very excited about taking this one home.

No one seemed to understand it would take a day or two for the tree to warm up and branches to settle. But eventually they did and we got to decorate!

Isla we very excited to get her picture taken... but then she disappeared. The other two stood around smiling and waiting. So good and assuming the position for me!

After a minute or two, she was back. Apparently she needed a costume change and a crown for the photo shoot!

All were excited to put up the stockings.

And a little extra lovin' for our fat Santa!

A couple nights later, there was an open house and Mystic Aquarium. We met the performers from The Nutcracker. Isla REALLY liked her outfit. She kept touching it and telling her she was Soooo Pretty. It was really cute.

We also ran into Frosty, and....

SANTA!!! The older two ran right over and started telling him what they wanted and they were so happy to see him and went on and on. Isla would have nothing to do with him and had a death grip on Mark. Some healthy fear going on...


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