Sunday, January 08, 2012

The torture continues!!!!
I really do love Christmas card time. It is a pain to get all the cards printed, addressed, stamped and out. Especially with how many of you seem to move every year and I always get a couple returned to us no matter how hard I try to keep up with cousins' new locations and friends' new adventures. But I giggle to myself as I think of my children in another ten years when they are old enough to realize how many really embarrassing pictures there are of them and the vast number of people who have those pictures framed! Makes my year every time!
This year I ordered matching pjs that you iron the names on the front. Truly awful of me, I know! But come on! Look how cute they are as they stand all together in front of the tree. And honestly, how many more years do I have where they will still do this so willingly without some sort of serious bodily harm being threatened...

And the winner, hands down, is...

I know they will be so embarrassed by these through the teenage years but I think past that they will appreciate the memories and awesome shots of all of them together, year after year. I know I do, as well as the hordes of you that let me know when I have taken too long to get the card out:)
Maybe one of these years I'll make them all super ugly holiday sweaters!


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