Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seriously, only my Cecelia!
I actually sent her off to school in a white skort and sweater. I figured they'd get dirty but if it was anything too bad, I could just use a bleach pen and never know the difference. No need to worry. My pro of a fashion girl made it through an art project of some sort (we're a little vague on giving out details to mom) and recess and still came home with a perfect white skort and sweater. What a beautiful child!!!
Another baby blanket! I started the top yesterday and finished it up this morning. I'm still deciding what to put on the back. I'm going to use more of the super cute purple from the very middle square to finish off the edges.
My drawer of fabric. This is all the fabric I see while shopping for what I need and just can't help myself. Most of it is only a yard or two long. Normally it's on sale and calling my name....
My new (old) sewing station! I got a desk from my parents this past weekend. They've had it for 36+ years but are now passing it on. I've moved right in and set myself up. I'm LOVING it! The top is huge and very convenient when in the planning stages and the sewing stages.


Blogger Danetta said...

Yea for clean clothes after school! Your quilt is really pretty!

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