Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday at Dani's new house! The boys moved all the heavy stuff while we laughed at the children! What a fabulous day! Plus it was tons of fun having all the kids together. Somehow though I failed to get a picture of all of them together.
Isn't she beautiful... I love the way her eyes turned out in this.
Bella was too good for my camera. I think this is such a funny picture.
Cecelia with her newest mini me. Poor Amelia has no idea how much trouble she's in...
Sunday we went to the children's museum in Indy. What a day!!

Aidan only got kind of soaked at the water table. Cecelia stayed true to form and even without a plastic shirt on stayed clean.
Here's the bat-mobile from the latest batman movie. Aidan thought this was really cool.
Here's the surfer guy. Cecelia thought this was pretty cool.
This was Aidan's face pretty much the entire time we were in the comic book area with all the super hero stuff. His eyes were super big and he never closed his mouth.
My monkey children...Catchin' a free ride with daddy while sissy got a turn in the stroller.


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