Monday, September 11, 2006

Us in the early days when we still had time to do fun things like get dressed up and go dancing. Don't we look like babies!

Cecelia is amazing and
beautiful and ALL girl! Here she is on a normal day and one where she decided to practice being slightly insane. Some day she'll be on a stage for something. We're not sure if it'll be drama or dance or both!

Here's Aidan. He's so happy all the time. I just love his little chubby face. He's growing so fast, I almost can't believe it. He's just started doing an army crawl across the floor. It's pretty funny. Unfortunitly, it's normally for a dog toy but wh
at are you going to do!?!

This is such a cute picture. We were watching a movie one night and they were giggling together on Cecelia's little couch.

Look at these two. And Daddy says Aidan likes me best... well he should. I'm the Mommy.