Tuesday, March 20, 2007

He thinks he's SOOOO funny playing with his food. I'm not sure you can see all the crap he got on that shirt during that one meal. Afterward he decided to 'fix' the hutch. It's a good thing I love the dented look...

So this past Sunday when Aidan got sick, this is all he did. By this point we stopped putting clothes on him and just left him naked with towels. Much easier to change when he got sick. What a trooper though. He even looks happy when he's sick.
We also just changed Cecelia's toddler bed to a big girl bed and put her out in the club house. She LOVES it. Who can blaim her! Look how cute that room is!

He's so happy when Cecelia lets him touch her stuff he followed her around the house with this stroller while she pushed her baby around in the other one. She, however did not want her picture taken. Imagine that! I love the one with Aidan lovin' on Molly. She's such a good puppy and just takes the abuse.

This is Cecelia twirling. She was singing too. I wish I could have gotten the video camera out fast enough.

This was on the way home from the grandparents house. Cecelia fell alseep in the car and Aidan stayed awake watching a movie. He was just laughing. Mark and I like to think it's because he was looking at his sister. We were laughing at her. Come on! That's a awesome picture!