Saturday, June 26, 2010

American Girl Indeed
Today I took Cecelia up to Chicago to the American Girl Store. She saved her money and really wanted to go pick one of these out. She decided on Elizabeth. She's the one behind her on the right with the pink dress. She's got blue eyes and the same color hair. Look how happy Cecelia is about this!

Mom went with us. I took a picture in front of the store. Mom had a good time too. It was very exciting. For Cecelia because she finally got the doll she wanted. For me because she learned the lesson of sweet reward that comes from working for something. She saved the money for awhile and kept a long-term goal. She refused to spend it on other temptations even.

Here is Elizabeth in her four post bed. It's a rough start to life at our house. She hasn't let go of the doll yet and it's currently sleeping with it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I cried today...
laughing, that is. We were finishing up our lunch and Aidan and Cecelia were still sitting at the table talking to each other and eating these little square pretzels with peanut butter in them. Isla had finished hers. She was out of her high chair running around before nap time. Aidan was turned sideways in his chair distracted by Cecelia and Isla ran over and stole a pretzel from Aidan and stuck it in her mouth. Cecelia said something and Isla grabbed two more as Aidan realized what was happening and started after her. Isla grabbed the food, turned to run and immediately started crying wolf. I never thought I'd live to see the day Aidan had food stolen from him. And by his little sister no less. I should have been scolding them all for stealing and not sharing. The awesome parent I am, I could not stop laughing. Throw another dollar in the therapy fund! Totally worth it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disney World!!!
We planned a trip to Disney without telling the kids. We managed to keep it quiet until the morning we left. The kids were pretty funny and kept asking if we were really going to Disney. We drove down and spent two days in the car. The kids were amazing and I would totally agree to do this again. We spent an entire week down there. We stayed at Port Orleans. It was beautiful and amazing. We had a FANTASTIC time! It really is a magical place. The kids were really great the whole time and I can't wait to go back. Mark your calendars for three years!
We took over 200 pictures. Here's the abbreviated look!
Sunday: Here's the kids on our first night there. We ate and then went swimming and walked around some.

Monday: Our first sit down dinner was with all the princesses. I'm pretty sure we could have turned around and gone home after this and Cecelia would have been completely happy.

After that, we went and met Mickey, Minni, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto for some pictures and autographs. Isla LOVES Minni!

Tuesday: We rode the Buzz Light Year ride and then Aidan got in jail with Zurg. Then we walked outside and met Buzz in person! I've never seen Aidan with a grin that big!

Seriously, zoom in on Aidan's face. Hehehe

Again, zoom in on Isla's face. It's the best. They were so happy the whole time there.

Aidan was very excited about the pirate stuff. He ended up getting a Jack Sparrow sword.

Wednesday: We had lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. Another big hit with the kids. They were so cute!

Aidan with his pirate gear! He learned a couple of blocks and strikes from someone in the store. Thanks to that lady. We've all been hit now.

Isla being cheeky at the hotel.

This is at epcot after the viking boat ride. There's this troll in the gift shop.

Aidan's handy work. I think it's a pretty good shot of Mark and I.

Thursday: We checked out animal kingdom. Here's a family shot in front of the tree of life. Ours is ok but the pro took one a couple seconds later and Celia and Aidan are actually smiling. I had to order a copy from them. It was such a nice family picture.

We were playing at the little playground at the hotel and Isla came down the big kid slide all by herself. She was so proud.

Friday: We hit the Star Wars Weekend! Aidan was sooooo happy! Mark was pretty happy too actually. This was the hottest day though so we ended up leaving hollywood studios and heading over to animal kingdom for more shade.

This is the entrance. These stormtroopers were hanging out on top and talking over the loud speaker. It was awesome but they had to be hot!

Saturday: Our last day. We had breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. Again, fantastic! Then we hit the road and started heading back home.

Such a good time was had by all. Worth every penny!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celia Turns Seven
That's just crazy to say. I can hardly believe it. Cecelia requested a Hawaiian theme.

We took her to get her nails done and grandma and I enjoyed our feet getting done too.

Here's the birthday girl!

Isla just being goofy.

Aidan being goofy also. Shocking, I know.

Isla talked Yaya into playing Aidan's game and sat watching.

Getting some crafts done. Cecelia requested lots of crafts this year.

There were butterflies on some of the cupcakes. The kids really liked them.

Just an add-on. I went to my award ceremony and got my award. It was handed out by my former prof Matt Mooney. He said some very nice stuff about me first and then I tried not to cry. Then Mark and I went out to eat. Felt really nice to be recognized though. Now, if only I could get a job.
California Lovin'
Okay, one of the reasons this has been slacking again was because I got to go on a field trip with my mom. We went to my cousin's wedding in California. Without children! For a week! I was missing them by day three. I got to hang out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I got to do some sight-seeing and reading. I loved it. Here's some pics.

The happy couple Brendan and Mikako!

Light house somewhere on Route 1.

Stopped at some beach. No idea where!

Same beach. Some crazy tree.

Just beautiful...

The Lone Cypress. Very cool. Check it out.

Mom and I with the Lone Cypress.

Max, Gab and Haliana

Bill, can't say how much I love the bow tie!

Almost all the siblings.

The ladies.

The boat in the back ground is names Saint Catherine.

Mom took this shot. It looks like Bill is someone important, Uncle Charlie is running security and mom is paparazzi.

Pat looking adorable.

Bill, Grace and just a half shot of Monica.

Mom and Monica.

Off the pier.