Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday morning coffee with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dick...
This is what happens when Aidan gets a hold of my camera. 60 pictures later, here's the best ones...

Thistleberry Farm this past weekend...

This squirrel wasn't at the farm. We just saw it in our neighborhood on the way home and thought it was pretty cute sitting there eating. Here you go Popsi, one just for you.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What I did today...
The kids started the day nice enough and played all morning together without much fighting. This translates into mommy time and I got busy sewing. This is the baby blanket top for a friend of my mom's. We (mom and I) just got out to the fabric store this week and finally picked up some fabric. I'm lovin' the colors together. I'm glad I was so picky about the teal and chocolate.I think it's turning out really cute.
I bought this outfit over the summer when I saw it on sale and I finally tried it on Aidan the other night to see if it would fit. Here he is doing his Buzz pose. There's boots to go with and a little purple hat. I'm not sure he'll wear the hat but I couldn't get the outfit off until he was so hot, he got annoyed with it. Now I keep it out of sight because if he finds it, he wants to wear it. Good score!
This was taken last week. Allison and Clara came over to visit with us and the kids started watching a movie together to wind down before nap time. How cute is this!
Sara just looked so sweet and sappy, I had to take a picture. She's such a good dog!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Damn the Brown Thread!

Here's what I have done. I would have pushed through and finished it tonight but as I filled the bobbin one last time, I ran out of brown thread. I have no idea why I did not buy a second spool but I didn't. Now I'm almost done but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can run back to the store and buy some more! How truly obnoxious! Anyway, I've got a Celtic looking weave on the stripes and the outer brown and a little swooping thing going on the pick hearts. You can really see the patterns on the back. I absolutely love how this is turning out. It's a little more work to sit on the floor and chalk out the patterns for the quilting but I think it's worth it.

We went to the zoo yesterday. It was such a perfect day for it! Here's the kids being goofy in front of a large turtle. It's the only decent picture taken all day.

Friday, October 03, 2008

I've been crazy busy with my math classes this week. I had two exams and homework on top of it all due this week. So now that I've stopped eating, breathing, sleeping math, I'm back to quilting! With a little luck and a lot of work, the brown and pink baby blanket done this weekend. Check back on Sunday night. I'll post whatever I get done. Also, I'm in the middle of taking apart some of Cecelia's pants for this fall because they fall off of her. So I'm fixing the waistbands. You'd think that would be an easy job but it's turning out to be really annoying! Plus, my girlfriend Khara is coming over tonight to learn some sewing/quilting tips. Should be fun to have someone to sew with! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!