Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aidan turned 4. I can hardy believe it! He's so big now. Here he is showing me he's four in the morning as we're heading out the door.

This was after dinner. We had cupcakes with spider-man rings on them.

Here's Isla with her very first cupcake. I took the frosting off of it but she never knew she was missing anything.

Grandma Linda sent a gift card and this is what Aidan picked out. He was very excited about getting to pick something out at the store. Isla liked it too.

Aidan kept shooing Isla away from his new toy. She finally got a couple minutes to play with it when Aidan went to go take his bath.

This was yesterday. We had Diego and Gabby over to play and then took them downtown to the cafe to play at the indoor playground. They had so much fun together.

Super cool cupcakes were had by all.

Including Isla. Again with out any frosting.

Maybe Aidan enjoyed his a little too much.

Here's some pictures at the cafe. Isla was taking most of Papa's shake.

This was as close as I got to everyone holding still for a picture. I'm not sure where Gabby disappeared to. She was in it just a second before.

After the cafe, they didn't want to go home yet so we came back and put in a movie. This happened very quickly. Gabby is knocked out. Aidan is about knocked out and Cecelia is out. Isla was napping too. It was awesome!

Isla also is celebrating her very first birthday! We didn't do anything big though. She got a couple of little presents and a cupcake of course. Here she is with her new my little pony baby. She loves it! She keeps hitting the chest and making it sing. I'm currently wondering if she's ever going to fall asleep for her nap or just keep playing that song...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mwuhhhhh! (That's supposed to be an evil laugh)
So I definitely need to find a box or big button or something that has an evil laugh. Sort of like that big red easy button that says little sayings only when I push this button an evil laugh comes out. If anyone finds one, get it. I'll pay you back!
Today, one of my classes was being unruly and not responding to threats so my class teacher said we would keep students after class because it's the class right before lunch. My classroom teacher started the list. I added two names. One for language and the other for trying to debate with me for putting his friend's name down. We had a little conversation about respect and I pulled out my mom look. It was a beautiful moment. Then I was explaining something to a couple of girls and I got to watch them have an 'a-ha!' moment. Awesome! Seriously, I love this! I definitely think that people who have children have a leg up becoming a teacher. I have one student that I make nervous just looking at him. He feels guilty even when he hasn't done anything. hehehehehehe

Monday, January 04, 2010

Alas, the last leg begins...
Today, I was a teacher. Officially.
I started my student teaching today! I spent the whole day in the classroom. I had five classes, all of which had homework assigned. I helped students, answered questions, yelled at a couple of students. I even explained the downfalls of using the f-bomb while I was in the class. It was beautiful! All while covering pre-calc, algebra, and geometry. I didn't even have anyone looking over my shoulder because my classroom teacher had a death in the family so she wasn't there. I had a sub as backup but other than that, it was all me. I loved it! Here's for eleven more weeks of fun!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Aidan had a good day at Yaya and Popsi's. He's been pointing out that castle every time he sees it!

Cecelia got a pretty pink bathrobe and slippers. She's been talking about these too. Now she's just like mommy.

Here's my latest quilt project. Although I haven't gotten much done on it, here's the top finished and I chalked out the quilting pattern I'm going to try. I've gotten started but I've got some seam-ripping to do already. Damn-it. Merry Christmas mom and dad. You can have it as soon as I've finished it.

I caught Conner being silly with the camera.

Conner and Isla being super cute together! He kept hugging her.

The ladies all dressed up for Christmas mass.

Here's the three of them together. They're so cute!

Christmas morning, Uncle Chuck is by far the winner! He's hugging a box. Aidan is still sleeping with this thing by his bed and loves it so much.

All the Ballentine kids together and mostly smiling. They set up the chairs and got all in a line by themselves. I just picked up the camera.

Aidan wore himself out one day. This was around 6pm one night. He napped the rest of the evening on the couch and then went to bed.

John getting some snuggle time in.

We hit the children's museum again. Here's the kids hanging out with Yoda!

Cecelia hanging out at Barbie's desk!

And Barbie's chair. She says she wants one of these for her room. Shocking.

I caught Debbie and Shelby coming down the slide.

Cecelia tried out the rock climbing wall. I'm so proud of her!

Aidan wanted to ride on the carousel. Cecelia and Shelby had already rode so John and daddy escorted Aidan. Look at John's face. I think he's more excited than Aidan.

Aidan feeling the love after we got back home.

This was the snow tonight. It was so pretty coming down. Plus there's already a ton on the ground. I love it!

A good boy moment. Aidan and daddy playing Mario Brothers on the tv. It was pretty cute.
How to fix a window...
Seems simple enough but I hadn't found the time until last week.
Start with Aidan.
Add a toy and let him get too close to a window.

Get all the broken glass out and then use your mad chisel skills to get the old crap out.

Put the new glass in and add some glazing points in and voila! A new window!!