Monday, April 05, 2010

Chocolate IS my secret Lover...
I am a stress eater. And a happy eater. I turn to food for just about every emotion I have. Birthdays, holidays, days that end in Y, I eat. The last couple of years I have had a LOT of emotions and a lot of days that end in Y. Chocolate has always been there for me. A hug when I was sad. A high-five when I was glad. Angry, excited, nervous, bored, hormonal, pregnant, not pregnant, wanting to be pregnant, quitting a job, buying a house... Chocolate has been there for me through it all. It is my soul mate and who am I to question this. I'm not questioning it. Not even a whisper. My ass on the other hand will not mind it's own business back there and is screaming. From three counties over. I'm done having babies and there are no more excuses. I'm reclaiming my body including my ass. I've started riding my bike again now that the weather has gotten nice and I've been doing work out videos with Mark. Some P90X thing that's completely INSANE.
Here's my shout out to you. If you see me eating a donut, cookie, candy of any type, slap it out of my hand. If you feel the urge to go for a bike, run, walk, rock climbing, mountain climbing, or any other physical activity, ask me to go and don't let me say no! We could all use the friendly connection and I need the exercise!
That's my call to you tonight. I'm going to bed tonight exhausted from my video and ready to go riding tomorrow. Here's hoping it doesn't rain all day!