Monday, August 25, 2008

And baby makes 5!We had our ultrasound today! Very exciting! This is the position the baby stayed in the entire time. The head is to the right and looking down. He/she laid on their belly the whole time with their legs tucked behind covering the butt. So, we do not know what we're having! I didn't want to know anyway but it helps that the baby was being shy. The doc said everything looks great! Baby is measuring perfect. However, I have an ovarian cyst that's measuring about the size of my fist. So we get another ultrasound next month to see if it's gone away on it's own. This means another peek at baby! Okay, I'm off to hang out with Aidan on the couch and take a nap before my first class. Allergy season is upon us and it sucks!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Quilt Update...
These are the latest squares for Cecelia's quilt. I'm going to see how many more I can power through this weekend. They are pretty but take FOREVER.
This is the baby boy quilt I've been working on for awhile. After changing my mind a couple of times about some details, here it is completely finished and off my to-do list! I'm really proud of how this one turned out.
I love the dark blue trim. I think it really pops next to the rest of the colors and the back. Also, it's hard to tell in these pictures but I've got multi-colored thread on the front and back. There are different shades of green on the front and fall colors on the back which was a last minute change but I think for the better! Also, I used a zig-zag pattern stitch to outline the squares and just a plain straight seam to break the squares up. You can't really see the straight seams on the front which was the point. The pattern shows up nicely understated on the back though. I really do like how it turned out.
This is also on the list of stuff to do today. I made a toddler quilt exactly like this a little over a year ago. I'm going to do it again. Partly because I loved it the first time and I gave it away and need another little girl blanket to give away again and partly because I still have this fabric and I can use it up and not have it sitting in my scrap pile anymore. Also, I think I'm going to try a different type of quilting on it if I can figure out how to on my machine.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Swirly Quilt
So this will end up a twin sized quilt for Cecelia. One day. I have no idea what made me choose this pattern. Oh yea, Mark. Turns out it's very time consuming and lots of work. Here's a bunch of future squares.
My first square. I wasn't sure I could pull this off because I'm of course not working with a pattern. This took about an hour to make.
These next two squares I made at the same time and were a little faster but not much. This is a lot of little cuts and then lots of going back and forth between the sewing and ironing. Wicked annoying but very cool when finished. I can't wait to see it all done. That's going to be a little bit. I'll keep you updated as I work my way through these squares.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seriously, only my Cecelia!
I actually sent her off to school in a white skort and sweater. I figured they'd get dirty but if it was anything too bad, I could just use a bleach pen and never know the difference. No need to worry. My pro of a fashion girl made it through an art project of some sort (we're a little vague on giving out details to mom) and recess and still came home with a perfect white skort and sweater. What a beautiful child!!!
Another baby blanket! I started the top yesterday and finished it up this morning. I'm still deciding what to put on the back. I'm going to use more of the super cute purple from the very middle square to finish off the edges.
My drawer of fabric. This is all the fabric I see while shopping for what I need and just can't help myself. Most of it is only a yard or two long. Normally it's on sale and calling my name....
My new (old) sewing station! I got a desk from my parents this past weekend. They've had it for 36+ years but are now passing it on. I've moved right in and set myself up. I'm LOVING it! The top is huge and very convenient when in the planning stages and the sewing stages.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long-over-due photos!Aidan modeling his new outfit from Hawaii that daddy brought home.
It's a diaper cake. Much to Mark's undoing, this means a cake made out of diapers and not a cake you can eat in the shape of a diaper. However, they are wicked expensive to buy so I figured out how to make my own. I'm impressed with my 'Martha' skills!
Dani started a game I'm sure she wished she hadn't. That's both Aidan and Bella hanging off her neck. Poor Dani. I tried to warn her that Aidan's a beast!
My baby is a Big Girl!!!

This is Cecelia this morning on her very first day of school! I'm so proud!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Finally, I have gotten some photos from Mark of his trip. Aren't these just beautiful. For those who don't know the story, Mark got to go on a trip to Hawaii for two and a half weeks with ten high school kids on a marine biology trip. It was amazing and I got to stay home with the kids. Aren't I the lucky one... He's promised when he goes again in two years I get to go with. I can't wait!
This is an evening shot on the beach.
Turtle super close up.
Seriously... did I mention he was chaperoning and didn't have to pay for the trip.
A couple of his students acting goofy.

An average meal. I wish someone cooked like this for me.

Some crazy cool little crab. Mark told me something cool about shedding it's skeleton or something. I'm not sure I could repeat it so, just go with it.

Kids getting in trouble. They were out there in a flash flood area. But it does look really cool. I would want to climb out there too.

Other happenings:
We discovered a crack in a window pane in the dinning room. I'm honestly surprised Aidan took this long to break a window. On top of that, I'm pretty sure I have a hair-line fracture at the base of my nose from him. Mark was about five feet away and said that he heard the crack sound when Aidan hit my nose. It's been several days now and still brings tears to my eyes when I touch my nose on the one side. Lovely.
Also, the hall is finally finished being painted. I have a fabulous husband. Now I just have to hang the few clocks that we've found so far and make little signs for them. Pictures will follow:)