Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why you shouldn't take 4 grad classes at once...

-> One math history essay due 9-30 (just assigned today)
-> One real analysis (math) exam on 10-1
-> One take home exam due 10-3 (just handed out yesterday)

Thanks to the master mind of my fourth class, I do not have anything for that except reading. How am I supposed to finish the SIX quilt tops that I have sitting, waiting to be quilted and the four more sitting in my pile of stuff to try!?! Damn all the homework!

Speaking of damning things... Cecelia, while doing her homework the other night, broke her pencil and quietly proclaimed 'damn it!' under her breath. Thank God I wasn't home and Mark was. He was capable of putting on a stern face and expressing that this was never to happen again and that damn it falls into the curse word group. Two nights later, it still makes me giggle to think about her saying it. I love kids!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday John!!!

It's John's 40th birthday today! So if you see him, call him out. Hugging, squeezing, pinching and spanking are all acceptable forms of love today! We love you John!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Cute Photos!

This was just after bath tonight. She was so very pleased with herself and so cute!

Here's Isla in her pretty little dress! Judith has pretty good taste!
This was last night. We had another fire and had s'mores again with Gabby this time. None of the kids really ate the s'mores. They just ate the marshmallows and burnt stuff. It was great!

Just a funny add-on. Isla loves cooked peas but apparently the fresh ones in the jar suck. Poor baby!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy Little Quilter!

I think I like the crazy stars better this way. Now I just have to find fabric to fit in the triangles and finish out the square...

I moved on to this one, cutting and piecing the top together on Thursday night and Friday. It's actually from a pattern. I haven't adjusted it either, other than changing the size. I'm going to use the dark brown and put a boarder around the whole thing and then I think I'm going to use some cream corduroy for the backing. Still thinking about that one. I've also cut out fabric for another one I'm calling boxes of fun. It'll be cute but I'm not working off a pattern so it's a little interesting getting everything to line up right.

Finally found some dress-up stuff for Aidan. It was definitely a hit!

He promptly told his sister to go get dressed like a princess so he could protect her. It's been an on-going war since then to remind him not to hit anyone/thing with the sword.

We found one of these fire pits on sale this weekend too. We've been wanting one for a couple of years now and finally broke down and got it. We had a fire last night and let the kids have some s'mores. It was fantastic! I loved it and then Mark and John and I got to hang out for a little while by the fire after the kids went to bed. What a perfect night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seeing Stars and Fish
This is what I did on my down time today. I cut out the pieces for this awhile ago and finally got down my list far enough to get to piece it together today! I love how it turned out. I'm not sure I'm sticking with the layout but I really like these crazy stars. I think I might need to separate the squares with some white or something but I'm going to keep messing with the layout first and see what happens. Maybe I'll find enough down time tomorrow to figure it out.

The fishy blanket is done! And I love how it turned out! I left the corners off and quilted wavy lines across in light blue thread.

You can kind of see the wavy lines in this one.

Here's the back. The waves go in the same direction as the front. I really love how this turned out but I've already handed it over for someone in my mom's office. I was a little sad to see it go.

Just a cute picture from the other morning about to head off to school.

The Blueberry Festival! Daddy broke down and bought light sabers for Cecelia and Aidan. Aidan was definitely very excited about it!

The hot air balloon glow. I thought it was really very cool. The kids were over it pretty quick though.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Aidan's First Day!
Aidan started school at the Montessori this week! He was very excited about this picture but ten minutes later, did not want to get out of the car. All's been well since the first day though. Now he gets out and follows Cecelia and Gabby right into school! It's the cutest thing! Of course we're going to be in serious trouble if Gabby is ever sick. Aidan and Gabby are so attached to each other. I love it but I'm still wondering how the teachers get them to separate into their classrooms...