Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Bill and Aunt Grace came for a quick visit and Isla loved him so much she curled up in his lap bringing her baby and brush to share. I was impressed.

A pirate ship Bill and I saw while hanging out on a pier on Lake Michigan.

Another trip to the Indy kids museum. I really do love that place. The kids have the best time every time we go.

Notice she's riding side saddle position 'because that's how ladies ride.'

Barbie is still there.

This was some boy band from Disney that did a concert. Aidan thought it was too loud but Cecelia thought they were super cute. I tried not to gag when she said that.

Isla tried being one with Yoda.

And tried to hug C3PO.

Celia selling herself as a barbie in a box.

Aidan and his hog.

One UGLY Elvis outfit. Seriously, the 70's were not kind.

Aidan drivin' the ladies around.

They have dinosaur skulls and silly putty to cover the skulls. This one is Cecelia's.

This is Aidan's.

Here's mine. That's right! I made eyes and eye lids. I'm cool like that.

My little t-rex's.

Here's the newest Standlee. Quinn was 8 lbs, born on July 6th. He looks just like Joe!

I love that new baby smell! Now I can just go over there to get my baby fix.

Here's Isla walking around with one of daddy's shoes on. She tried for two but couldn't figure out how to manage it.