Monday, December 29, 2008

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! We had tons of fun. Here are random pictures from the this past week. With everyone in town and lots of stuff going on , we ended up with lots of cute pictures. Here's some of them. Aunt Melani and the kids opening Cecelia's barbie head with make-up and hair stuff.
Aidan and Uncle Denny opening his soccer goal.
Santa brought Cecelia a barbie house. It was the hit of the morning!

All of us together and clean and dressed all at the same time! How often does that happen!?!
My beautiful children all dressed for Christmas mass. Don't they clean up well!
Uncle Chuck receiving a loving dose of my kids...

Such much fun was had by all! Uncle Chuck and Aunt Virginia are gone again and we had a quick visit from Papa and Grandma. Now it's just us and I have gone into nesting mode. Three weeks and counting from Sunday! I'm hoping for time off for good behavior. I'm officially uncomfortable and no longer having fun. I've been washing and setting up and making shopping lists and buying back-ups and nailing down what happens with children when I go to the hospital according to what time of day and what day of the week I happen to go into labor. We have names and spellings decided. Isla Grace Ballentine or Padraic Kingston Ballentine. I can't wait to meet which ever! All of you will know when I find out. I have been informed that I HAVE to update the blog as soon as the baby shows up. I've agreed but lets keep it within reason. For now, I'm off to make a list of stuff I want to take to the hospital with me and put Aidan down for a nap. I love nap time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card Time!
As always, the process of getting Christmas pictures is much more entertaining that the actual picture itself. We decided on pj's this year and Cecelia requested the dogs be in the pictures too. Molly was all for it but Sara (smart dog that she is) was scared of the camera. Very cute idea though. However, Aidan decided that it would be more fun to make evil faces at the camera. Goofy kid! I thought I should share those too!
(Insert promise of candy with smiles here...)What a nice turn-around. They both got a tootsie roll after the photo shoot.
Playing catch-up...
This is Aidan at his Christmas play. Really each class sings two songs. I had the video camera and Yaya had the digital but we weren't close enough for the flash to work so the pictures turned out grainy. However, notice how close to the microphone Aidan is. He claimed this one as his own and adjusted it to his hight and everything. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Who knew he would end up with the theater bug!

Here are the pictures of Cecelia's gingerbread house. Dani was kind enough to make the house for us. I helped for a couple of minutes to show her how to work the frosting bags. Then I was told I could go do something else. Nice. She wouldn't let me touch the house again. So besides the windows and doors drawn on there in icing, Cecelia did everything else.