Monday, August 20, 2007

Us against the world!

Aidan was Cecelia's shadow as we played on the porch this day. It was so funny. They were running around and Cecelia just stopped so Aidan could catch up and he came up and stood next to her just for a second. I just happened to have the camera ready. I love this shot!

We went to the mall today to let the kids stretch their legs because it rained ALL day and we couldn't take a walk or go to the park. Our mall has this little indoor playground that the kids went and ran around at. Aidan was running a little too fast and his feet couldn't go fast enough and face-planted into a little tunnel. The swelling has gone down here but it was looking pretty good at the mall. Too bad I didn't have the camera there. Cecelia and Maddy were being cute chasing each other.
Playing in the sprinkler!

Before getting wet...

Enjoying the water. Isn't this so fun! They're so happy and pleasant....

Here's what I get afterward when I make them come inside and get ready for bed...

I love motherhood.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Five Years Ago!
For our anniversary, Mark and I just finished watching our wedding video. It's pretty funny! Thanks to all our friends and family for that day. I still look at the pictures and remember having such a fantastic time. Here's some pictures that I love just for fun!

Popsi's Party

The band "Kennedy's Kitchen"

Dad have a good time.

Mom and Dad outside the theatre.

Dad getting surprised.

Dad trying to give my kids a taste of wine.

Proof that Cecelia does love her Uncle Denny! Look how cute they are together! Two peas in a pod! I just love it!