Monday, April 23, 2012

Boston and BIG NEWS!!!

One of the coolest things about moving to CT is the day trips! Last week was my spring break. I made a mad dash back to IN for a cool 60 hours. If I didn't see you while I was there, I'm really sorry. I'll catch you next time. Anyway, Allison was awesome enough to drive back with me. We figured we should squeeze in a day trip while she was here. Off to Boston we headed! We made it a girls' trip with Cecelia and Isla in  tow. We walked most of the Freedom Trail. Girls were awesome at keeping up and hanging out with us. Here's some cool pictures from the day.
Grave of Boston Massacre victims
 Girls in front of Samuel Adams' grave.
 Paul Revere's grave.
 Just being cute, hanging out by Mother Goose's grave! Who knew she was real!?!
 I can't remember where this was but I thought it was cute.
 Old South Meeting House, where the revolution all began.
 This is where the Boston Massacre happened. I thought there were more killed than five people.

 Couldn't pass this one up since I grew up watching this show. Made me smile.
 This is Paul Revere's House! How awesome! We paid the extra couple of bucks to go inside and look around.
 Aidan's new haircut! He was pretty excited about it.

Now for the big news... We were running out of diapers and I refused to buy any more. Isla is officially potty trained! We have a handful of diapers floating around the house but she isn't using them. It took about two days, maybe three and she hasn't had any more accidents. She's been a real super star about it. We've convinced her that she doesn't have to use the little potty and the big potty is cool. She's not even wearing anything at night! We do have a plastic cover on the mattress to be safe but so far, so good! I'm so excited. Just think, no more buying diapers! Ever! AWESOME!!!SW

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Best
All three kids clean and dressed nice AT the SAME TIME!
This is getting harder and harder to do.
Here they are on our new front porch.

Seriously, it's like pulling teeth to get them all to smile normally all at once.

At an Easter egg hunt at Olde Mystic Village. Super cute but really busy.

Aidan and Isla playing after they hunted for eggs but before Cecelia had.

They really did have fun but apparently they can't all smile at the same time anymore.

January Birthdays ~ Isla turns 3 and Aidan turns 6!
I feel old.
Isla chose pink cupcakes instead of a cake.

Aidan requested a dinosaur cake

Singing about how much they love cake!