Saturday, May 01, 2010

This is most of April. Sorry it took me so long to get together. I can't find any pictures from Easter though. I could have sworn some were taken but I can't find them.
This is Easter weekend. We were at Grandma and Papa's. Isla enjoyed having freedom. Everyone loved the sunny day.

Another trip to the Children's Museum. I really love this place. Plus this was the first trip where Isla could really enjoy herself and get involved.

The girls love the Barbie exhibit. Cecelia designed outfits and Isla almost didn't give up this barbie. She ran all over with it.

Even Aidan put up with it and liked the phones.

Much more Aidan's style, digging in the dirt!

Cecelia got pretty high this time. Better every time we try it.

A picture with Yoda.

Isla trying to talk to Yoda.

Bob the Builder exhibit was a big hit.

A visit with Great Grandma. I have no idea what Aidan is doing or how he got such a weird look on him.

Aidan took this action shot.

Aidan took this too. I swear he gets the best pictures of people. Probably because he's so cute. You can't help but smile at him.

All my babies together! It started out with just one and then another joined and then Isla got jealous and needed to be in the middle.

Aidan wearing the babysitter's sunglasses.

Isla found the Tigger classes one night. She was pretty proud of herself for getting them on and off.

Aidan needed his picture taken too. Look how long that hair is. You'll all be happy to know that he FINALLY agreed to let us cut it again and it's now buzzed again. It was getting so long it was starting to look like a mullet from the '80s.

Then Cecelia needed in on the action too. We'll do almost anything to put off getting ready for bed!

I got out the car bed and put it up in Isla's room. We're not transferring her yet. Just letting her play in it and fall completely in love with it so when we do transfer her, she'll go easily. Like her siblings before her, she LOVES it!

Then we put some care bears in there and it got even better!

She climbs in and out all day long. It's really cute!

Spaghetti for dinner one night. Such goofy kids!

Isla got ahold of one of Aidan's swords. She was pretty proud of herself for having it. Right until Aidan realized she had it and took it away.