Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Zoo Photos

You can't really tell but this is a REALLY big bunny. That's a 4x4 it's next to.

Aidan on the train... Goofy kid!

Cecelia and grandma and half of papa on the train...

Giraffe family. I just thought this was so cute.

This wasn't at the zoo. This is our back yard with part of my new fence in the background. We got the kiddie pool out the other day because is has been gross and muggy hot here lately. I took this picture of Cecelia and just thought she was sooo cute. She's posing by the way. She knew I was taking a picture and did the face and pose and looked away all on her own. Lordy, she is going to be a handful when she's older!
Last weekend at the Indy Zoo!

Aidan on a slide. Because when you take a kid to the zoo why would they want to see animals when there's a playground...

Ice cream on a hot day. By the way that's the one I picked for me and Aidan had picked something else out but of course when I get both open, he takes mine...

Aidan's first pony ride! He was so excited.

Cecelia was such an old pro. She's so cute!

Here's the big elephant. Cecelia was pretty impressed. She always comments about how our zoo doesn't have an elephant.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

An updated list:

Thanks to an amazing list of suggestions coming in from everywhere! I love you for keeping your ears open!
(Still in no particular order)

Penelope has been knocked off by a couple of good arguments. And a few other suggestions didn't make the list because of Mark's veto's. Keep the suggestions coming!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Finally! The quilt got laid out and pieced together. It's 36" x 48" and I'm going to the fabric store today to see if I can find an orange to go on the back.

Here's my stash that I ordered from Erica's. They let me order online and then pick up. It's priceless with the kids and I don't miss clearance items!

Mark brought these home, just because. I love him!

Cecelia got her kindergarten shots. Daddy took her and this is what I get when she came home. Not bad big girl! Of course this is after a milkshake from McD's.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It is official... there will be another Ballentine in the world!
I am pregnant!
We're due in January.
I saw the doctor this morning and even heard the heart beat!
Don't feel bad if you are just finding out. Everyone is just finding out. We didn't want to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we were sure this one was a keeper.
Now, normally you all know just what kind of freak I am about names. I have them picked out years ahead of time. I like to roll them off my tongue for a LONG time before committing to them. We have a boy name all picked out. However, I'm freaking out a little that I do not have a girl's name. I know we've never allowed anyone to have a say in baby names or asked opinions. Mostly because I've picked a name out long before I'm even actually pregnant. (Cecelia's name was picked in high school, knowing that I wasn't going to have a baby for at least ten years) So if you have any suggestions, throw them my way. Please do not be offended when I don't pick yours though. This is a long ugly process for me, and Mark. Mostly because I annoy him.

Just as a reminder:
Cecelia Peaches
Aidan Kaspar
If we have another boy: Paddrick Kingston (good Irish name)

Girl names that have made the short list thus far (in no particular order):
Jillian (nickname Lily)
Lillian (nickname Lily)
Penelope (nickname Penny)
Kalei (Hawaiian)
Kali (Hawaiian)
Isla (Scottish pronounced I-la)

Aidan's latest...
After finishing with his lunch Aidan had walked away from the table and I was busy with Cecelia. Aidan must have wandered back to the table with this little match box car RV. He jammed the rest of his bologna into the RV. I did not realize this at first but quickly realized that something was off because the dogs were following Aidan like butter on bread. Normally they run from him so I stop to check and twenty minutes later and two toothpicks later all was well in the world again. Aidan really does keep me on my toes.

This was Aidan's choice outfit the other day. Interesting choice. Notice the green comb, weapon of choice.

We had a baptism this past weekend for Ciera Mauve and Cecelia wanted to wear a pretty dress and let me put in two french braids.