Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cecelia turns 6!!!

We've crossed over into Hanna Montana instead of princesses. How did this happen!?! Anyway, we had a little party for Cecelia this past weekend with girlfriends from school and a couple of other friends. I haven't gone through all the pictures yet (I'll get some birthday pics up soon) but here's a couple random shots I had on the camera.
Yesterday I took Isla and Aidan and walked to get Cecelia from school. It was a good long walk. Long enough that on the way back Aidan, the kid who never wants to ride in the stroller anymore, wanted to ride in the stroller. I put him in next to Isla and about three minutes later, this is what I found. I'm so in love!

Carrie and Johnathon.

Gabby and Uncle playing.

Popsi and Isla (in the sweater that Popsi bought for her)

Isla demonstrating the Andres smirk already.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching Up
I found super cute fabric last week and decided to try my hand at making a summer dress. I still need to go get some ribbon for the straps, (Nice call Carrie!) but Isla and Olivia will be wearing this next summer. I love it!

Isla getting in some tummy time and laughing at Aidan. He's so funny.

Aidan doing yoga with daddy. How adorable!

So we went on a field trip on Saturday with Mark and his high school students. Since it was Cecelia's birthday, she got to ride the charter bus with us and Yaya and Popsi followed with Aidan and Isla in the car. We went up to Chicago and went to Shedd Aquarium. A grand time was had by all but I didn't see Cecelia the whole time because she ditched us to hang out with two other teachers and their three boys. Seriously, she's only turning six and already I'm being ditched for boys. It's so wrong. Anyway, Aidan was stuck with me. The following is ...
Aidan + camera + museum =
air vent

giant frog hanging from ceiling

his feet

ceiling in the middle

stairs to go get food

the chips he wanted

shark swimming away


giant lobster

big fish

yellow fish

giant turtle

duck feet

I think Aidan will be our official photographer at all museums. He took about 100 pictures and most of them you can tell what's going on. Some of them are pretty interesting.
This was yesterday afternoon while I was pinning a quilt together. Just in case there was any doubt how much Cecelia loves her baby sister and how much Isla loves her big sissy.

Cecelia and Aidan all dressed up for church.

Cecelia eating a birthday cupcake on Saturday. We're not getting the fancy ones until next Saturday when she's having a party with her little girlfriends from school. Notice the frosting is already gone before daddy had time to grab the camera. And Cecelia got to pick what we had for dinner. Happy meals from McDonald's. It's good to be the birthday girl!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lazy Days
My last final was Monday night and after two days of doing absolutely nothing (or as close to nothing as I can get to in my life) I feel almost normal again!! I've watched several hours of tv on the computer, drank too much coffee, ignored LOTS of laundry and pretended there's a maid showing up any time now. It's been GLORIOUS! I did work on some quilting. I have to take some pictures. I made Isla a little summer dress last night that's SUPER cute but I have to go find some ribbon for the shoulder straps. I've also got about six ideas running around in my head for blankets so I've got to get going on those before I forget what I want to get done. As for now, here's some super cute pictures.

This what happens when Aidan decides he REALLY needs his picture taken. I ended up with about 15 pictures like this. Silly Aidan!

Isla has fallen in love with this caterpillar. I got it for Cecelia when she was a baby and she and Aidan both thought it was funny. So I pulled it out for Isla and I think it's her favorite. SHe hugs it like this with all four limbs and eats it's face. It's pretty funny.

About five minutes later...

Isla discovered the mirror on the piano. Awesome! She flirted with herself for about a half hour!