Saturday, September 25, 2010

Long Lost Pictures
Isla was soooo happy with a stolen baby from Cecelia and my stolen shoes.

Cecelia's dancing pose.

First Day of School!

All five of the Ballentine grandkids in one spot and in age order! Amazing!

Proof that all the ladies love grandma.

Terrorizing the dogs... I'm not sure why but all of our kids have done this to the poor dogs. She spent several minutes banging the cage door open and closed.

Chuck, Virginia, and Olivia were in town in August. The little ladies became quick best friends and hung out all day long for a week. It was really cute! They don't really look like it in this first picture but I think their faces are so funny.

We took them to Health Works Museum and they played on a lighted dance floor.

Colored pictures.

Isla's FAVORITE game with Uncle Chuck

She kept bringing the blanket back to have him do it again.

It does look like fun.

Flowers for Yaya! It was her 60th Birthday!

There was a small party.

There was cake for both. We though this was funny. Plus we put little faces on the super heroes. Chuck's awesome idea.

Yaya's new toy! Happy Birthday Yaya!

The day at the beach with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Terry. I already put up some pictures but I found this one and love it.

Just a super cute day at the Ballentine house.

This one is for all the Cosgrove kids. Isla needed a new outfit at Yaya's house and this is what she had, the reunion t-shirt from 1984. Nice!