Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Day in Chicago

How beautiful! I've always loved Chicago!

When we first got up there, the clouds were so low, the buildings were getting lost.

This is Riley. After spending all day playing together, they were fast best friends. For those of you keeping track, Riley was our flower girl for the wedding. Now she's almost as tall as me!

I've wanted to put this up for awhile. I made this! It's a toddler quilt for Kendall. Isn't it pretty~!

Here's Stephanie and I looking pretty on a bridge:)

This is Kendall. She's two weeks older than Aidan. Isn't she gorgeous!!!

This is Cecelia at dinner time. We walked so much we had to borrow Stephanie's stroller. Cecelia was so exhausted! She slept like a rock last night and then took a two hour nap today to catch back up. I love nap time!
Just a side note: We left Aidan with Yaya and Popsi so our trip would be easier. Smart move. I can only imagine how fun he would have been right up to nap time and then the beast would have come out! Thanks again Yaya and Popsi! He had so much more fun with you!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More pics from NY!

Cecelia explains the ways of the world to Popsi...

Aidan makes sure Yaya gets in her workout...

My parents after 35 years of marriage... so cute it's disgusting!

Me and my chubby bunny!

I love how this came out but it makes me laugh. As I was taking this picture my mom stood next to me saying "Do you know your pointed at the sun? It won't come out. You should point the camera over that way." She's so funny...

a WWII ship

Stopping to smell the flowers...

Just a pretty picture...

Two of my most favorite men!
We had a fantastic time in New York for our family reunion. I had so much fun that I didn't end up with too many pictures. Here are some cute ones though.
Here's Aidan waving to everyone.

Cecelia and Katie became fast friends. They were born the same week along with Fin (in the yellow coat) Cecelia wouldn't get her picture taken with them though. She just wanted to play.

This is the siblings shot and look! My mom's eyes are open!!!

Here are the outlaws! They even got Aunt Ruth in on this one. What a crazy bunch~!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Dennis and Melani get married!!!