Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Picture Updates...
Lots of visits from loved ones and a couple of fun days has kept us pretty busy.
Trick or Treating!

Grandpa and grandma are in town for a visit and to check out the east coast.
Isla has suckered another grandparent into whatever she wants:)

At the museum for Halloween. Can you find the skeleton?

We didn't wear the wig on Halloween but we got some cute pictures before she decided she didn't want to wear it. She was playing in it when we first put it on though.

Wild turkeys showed up in our front yard one night. Very exciting!

Hit a fair a couple of weekends ago with Yaya when she was in town...

Aidan got to sword fight this poor guy. Aidan thought this was the best thing ever! He had the guy on the run.

just another beautiful sunset!

Yaya and the grandbabies looking adorable at the beach.

Cecelia enjoying the beach

At the Sub Museum