Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Cecelia wanted to play make-up one day. Can you believe those eyelashes!!! Good lord, she's beautiful!

Isla looking very pleased with herself last night as she mastered the art of rolling from back to front and back again. She's really starting to cover some ground now!

Aidan sleeping on the couch after one of his 'I don't need a nap' days. Don't you just want to pinch that cute bum of his!

Isla finally got baptized and none too soon. The dress is the same one that Cecelia got baptized in but much younger and it seriously almost did not fit over my chubby bunny!

Looking very interested in what Father Steve was saying...

This is as close to a nice family picture as you get from that day. My mom took this one with my camera. I'm not sure how she did it but when you blow it up, it's fuzzy and she cut off Mark's head. This might have had something to do with the fact that she squints her eyes taking the picture as bad as if she were in the picture. I love her, but seriously... OPEN YOUR EYES MOM! LOL!

We finally broke down and bought Aidan a big boy bike. He's in love! Especially with the spider man helmet and pads. We wear the pads all over the house like it's part of his outfit to fight bad guys. I have to get a picture of him showing them off. It's REALLY funny.

Last week, we ended up with several extra kids at the house. Surprisingly, it was no louder that the average day here. That should mean that the additional kids were very good and quiet (and they were) but really it just means that my kids are super loud by themselves. Anyway, they all got shoved out the back door and the sprinkler was pulled out and turned on. This was an exceptionally cute picture of Cecelia and Maddy. I'm definitely printing and framing this one for her bedroom.

Just the newest weak moment from a fabric sale... Don't judge me! It'll get used!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cecelia's Update
Cecelia got her 6 year old check up this morning. 47 inches even (75%) and 46 lbs 4 oz (50%) Last year she measured 43.75 inches and 42 lbs. Still growing like a weed. Eyes good, ears good (regardless of how she acts at home), blood pressure is nice and relaxed like me. Awesome. Now I'm off to go sew some blankets together! Pictures later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Minivan Mom...
It's true. I've become one of 'those' moms. We sucked it up and bought our first brand new vehicle. We now own a Toyota Sienna. It's pretty and shiny and has that new car smell. I still can't believe we did it. And while I'm sad about the car payments we now have every month, I'm so happy about the room and safety features. Mostly about the room. Especially with a trip to DC coming up! Think of the trips to IKEA that can be made or the deal at a garage sale that I would have passed before because of the thought 'how do I get that home?' It's a beautiful world! (Somewhere Mark is crying no because of these ideas)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Long Over-due Pictures!

candy run after the pinata broke

singing to Cecelia

Cecelia and Molly

so sweet a moment

she loves Aidan so much, he's just the funniest thing!

Cecelia's tiara put to good use

the girls being silly

fun on a slide

Aidan being too cool for the rest of us

Three generations. Thanks for the visit grandma Linda! It was so nice!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Isla goes to the Doctor!
We went to the doctor today because not only did we need
a 4 month check-up, but Isla's eye has been really watery and then she added a cough. So away we went.
Measuring in at 26.75 inches (97%) and weighing 15 lbs 13oz (85%)!
Cecelia was 25.75 in and 14-4
Aidan was 26.75 in and 16-14
Turns out Isla is a giant! and she has an ear infection.
On other things... Grandma Linda was just in town and we have a TON of new pictures. I'll sort through them and then upload some!